Latton Basin


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    A few years ago I spotted a item for sale on eBay.  It was an old Victorian photograph album, with the pictures mainy from around Latton, and some are associated with the church architect William Butterfield.  I was attracted by two of the sample pictures as they showed a couple of the bridges around the Basin area.  I managed to acquire the album  at a horrendous price, but it was worth it! The album was in an extremely poor condition (it even had woodworm), and many of the photographs had suffered badly.  In fact the album was so bad I dismounted the pages.  I was then able to scan the photographs an 'clean' them up.
    Below are the pictures that relate to Latton and the immediate area. There were a lot more which are mainly churches in which I assume Butterfield had a professional interest in. I have only briefly captioned them, as I need to do some further research.  Anyone with any information please contact me via  thanks.  Doug Small
(FEB 2017- further investigation seems to indicate that the album once belonged to the Beadon Family, who lived in the Vicarage at .Latton

William Butterfield
1814 - 1900