Latton Basin


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We have regular work parties at the Basin.

Currently we are restoring the sides of the flood relief aqueduct; the east side of which is now approaching completion.

The west side of the aqueduct has had the large trees that were growing out through the stones removed and we will soon begin repairs.

The Basin has had most of the walls repaired, although there is still work to be done, and 'pointing' between the stones is now underway.

We also have a team concentrating on improving and maintaining the canal bed and towpath down as far as the River Churn.

The lock will eventually have to be excavated and restored, and the aqueduct over the Mill Leat will have to be rebuilt in order to reconnect to the Thames and Severn Canal.

There is plenty to keep us 'amused' for the foreseeable future, which is why we NEED YOUR HELP.

No skills necessary; just enthusiasm and a sense of humour.

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